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Soft hills, warmth of the sun, silence, in the distance you can hear the sheep, on the hills the carpets are spread out to dry, colored surfaces in the otherwise so calm landscape. This image presents itself to the viewer when visiting the carpet regions in Morocco. The carpet craft in Morocco is a world of its own - discovering this fills us at MY BENI with pure joy.

Great designers such as Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames or Alvar Aalto, who liked to use the Berber carpets for their projects and living spaces, already appreciated the simplicity and comfort of the hand-knotted masterpieces. Berber carpets have been experiencing a revival for a few years, not least due to the increasing popularity of the cozy 'Nordic Style'

Under the line 'MY BENI Selected' we offer individual pieces carefully selected by our team in Marrakech. We manufacture the 'MY BENI Custommade' carpets on request and can therefore respond to every customer request. As a supplement to the range, we also sell various home accessories and lifestyle products from Morocco via 'MY BENI Homeware'. Whenever possible, we purchase handicrafts directly from the manufacturers. On the one hand, we make it possible to support them, on the other hand, by avoiding unnecessary middlemen, a fair customer price is guaranteed for the customers.


Each of our carpets, whether made to measure or a one-off, is made by hand in Morocco and is unique. The imperfections make the piece unique and set it apart from an industrially manufactured product as an original. There is not only a lot of wool in one square meter of carpet, but also a lot of skill, time and dedication of the weavers from the Atlas Mountains.

Carpet weaving is traditionally a woman's job, while washing and burning the carpets requires a lot of strength and is in the hands of men. After the knotting process, the rugs are combed clean, washed and sheared several times before they are ready for the living room. There is a piece of Morocco with its very own history in every carpet that we are allowed to deliver to our customers.


Although the carpets are made in the mountain regions throughout Morocco, the largest carpet market is still in Marrakech, in the middle of the medina of the red city. Here all the carpets come together with their own stories and are presented to the viewer in all their fullness and breadth. That's exactly where we started with MY BENI. Over the years, our carpet suppliers have also become good friends whose quality of work we can trust. Each works with a different cooperative and has its own carpet specialty to offer. Every region in Morocco has its own carpet specialty, so every carpet is unique.

From the region of Taznaght in the High Atlas come the dense and often deep orange to red and two-toned Zanafi Kilims. From the Middle Atlas, the classic Beni Ourain with its simple checked pattern, the rather shaggy and soft Marmoucha and the colorful Boujad carpets, to name just a few. Traditionally, the Boucherwit, made from scraps of fabric, come from the region around Zagora.


BENI OURAIN - A classic Beni Ourain is made in the region of the same name in the Middle Atlas. It is characterized by the type of knot and the characteristic white and black checkered pattern. This is traditionally caused by the natural color of the wool. Nowadays, however, colored variants of the Beni Ourains can also be found. It doesn't matter whether it's a bedroom, living room or office - a Beni Ourain fits into any interior and gives it a certain lightness and coziness. Great designers and architects such as Ray and Charles Eames or Le Corbusier already appreciated this and therefore liked to use Moroccan carpets in their rooms.

KILIM - In contrast to high-pile carpets, a kilim is not hand-knotted, but woven. It is therefore thinner and 'flatter' than a knotted carpet. In certain pieces, the warp thread is made of cotton, which makes the carpet structure a bit stronger and more stable. A kilim is ideal for rooms that need to be vacuumed frequently, as their flat-woven structure makes them easy to keep clean. So you can often find a kilim in the hallway, children's room or in the kitchen.

MRIRT - A classic Mrirt carpet is knotted in the region of the same name in the Middle Atlas. A Mrirt carpet is characterized by its softness and particularly high density. The fluffy Mrirt are therefore particularly suitable for rooms where you are often barefoot. So they make themselves excellent in the bedroom, living room or children's room.

BOUJAD - A boujad is made in the region of the same name in the Middle Atlas. It is characterized above all by its abstract pattern and colourfulness. Large areas of color are a feature of the carpets from this region, which is why they can give a room a beautiful color atmosphere.

MARMOUCHA - A Marmoucha carpet is knotted in the region of the same name in the Middle Atlas. It is characterized by the type of knot that makes the carpet structure light and soft. The Marmoucha often have a higher pile than a classic Beni Ourain.


Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and dry cleaned if necessary. Light stains can be removed with a mild cleaning agent or wool detergent. When not in use, the carpets should be stored as dry as possible.

Our Beni Ourain rugs are made from pure new wool. Since wool is a natural material, color differences can occur and are not a quality defect. After the carpets have been stored for a longer period of time, they may show signs of folding in the first few weeks. As soon as the carpet is laid out, these disappear after a while.