Ultimate Knotted

The finest and incomparable carpet quality.

Our Ultimate Knotted carpets come from the M'rirt region in the Atlas Mountains and are part of the supreme discipline of Moroccan carpets. They are characterized by their dense weave and elaborate follow-up treatment: As a result of the washing, the carpets are extensively brushed and combed so that their surface becomes particularly soft. The natural fat content of the pure sheep's wool makes our carpets easy to care for and durable - they can be passed down for generations. Children and pets love the wool carpets and even stubborn stains can be easily removed.

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Timeless Knotted

The timeless Moroccan Berber carpet made of natural virgin wool - knotted by hand according to ancient traditions with great skill and skill.

The original Berber carpets from the Beni Ourain region in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains have been valued in architecture and design circles for decades. Well-known names such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Eames have included Beni Ourain carpets in their work and thus significantly encouraged them to find their way into numerous western living rooms since the 1950s.

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Essential flatweave

The functional and decorative all-rounder.

This flat-woven carpet is made by hand and consists primarily of natural new wool, with a proportion of cotton in the warp thread. Our versatile Essential Flatweave carpet can be used harmoniously in any room. The carpet's natural new wool brings a feeling of comfort and warmth into your home. We recommend using a high-quality, made-to-measure slip mat.

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Bold Flatweave

This slightly thicker flatweave rug is handmade and primarily made of high-quality virgin wool, with a percentage of cotton in the warp.

The Bold Flatweave is both a classic and a statement piece, suitable for placement in any room with impact. It exudes sophistication while bringing a sense of calm to the space, making it particularly well-suited for use in offices or other work environments. The high-quality virgin wool adds a feeling of comfort and warmth to your home. We recommend using a high-quality, custom-fitted rug pad for optimal grip.

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