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Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

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To ensure that the high-quality MAANA STUDIOS carpets remain in good condition for decades and can be passed down through generations, we recommend professional cleaning every 2-3 years. After cleaning, the carpet looks fresh again and is as enjoyable as if it were just a new purchase. Small dirt particles, dust and deposits are removed. Marks and wrinkles are smoothed out. The wool is cleaned and nourished. It will take about a week until your freshly cleaned carpet is ready for collection.

For red wine, coffee and other heavy stains as well as for damage to the carpet that requires repair , please contact us directly . We will be happy to advise you and offer you stain cleaning or repair work and the best service.

Our cleaning and repair services as well as our consulting services are of course not only available to MAANA STUDIOS customers. We are happy to accept all types of carpets.

Delivery to and collection from the MAANA STUDIOS showroom in Zurich. Collection and delivery from your home on request and for an additional charge.

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